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We are proud to be a leading innovator in a global market place that spans Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and Australia.

With over 45 years experience of invention in design field, KSF having now new and swift R&D skills as well as an excellent culture of manufacturing ability. KSF takes an attitude of striving for perfection in R&D of products, refinement and tests, so KSF has acquired over 200 international patent.

In terms of design, functionality and convenience, our company knows the market needs best, so we take the lead to be the leading one in the glass industry In order to make our quality stable with competitive edges, we perform the top standard of quality policy.

With the most modern welding equipment, CNC – machine tools and semi-robotic systems are manufactured in our production plant components with high precision and completed by trained professionals.

With active and serious attitudes, we provide customers with technical support. Through complete assessments, the most timely after-sale services are provided

Head office

Chemin Louis Hubert

Email contact@ksf-europe.com

Chemin de Préveyres, 57 B
CH – 1132 LULLY

KeM.Tech is member of the CCIG (The Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services)

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