KSF CF40 | Concrete wall saw / wall cutter – cutting depth 400 mm

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  • Removable electric motor
  • 220 V single phase motor 50/60 Hz – 15 Amp
  • Automatic running control
  • Very short assembly time
  • Modular construction for fast maintenance
  • Very low weight components
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  1. Professional grade.
  2. Patented dual-axis linkage, quick-release base can be easily assembled or removed from the middle of the track.
  3. The new track of this machine is equipped with a patented gear lever to prevent the main engine from falling during operation and reduce the danger of construction.
  4. New type of hollow orbit, to strengthen the stability of operation and increase the life of the orbit.
  5. V-wheel design is waterproof and sturdy, reducing malfunctions.
  6. Patented intelligent multi-function control group, containing functions:
    A. Automatic voltage fluctuation sensor.
    B. Slow start mode can prevent starting burst.
    C. Carbon brush inspection indicator. When the indicator is on, the carbon brush should be replaced.
    D. Current indicator, clearly shows the current load of the motor during the feed.
  7. Patented multi-layer overload, leakage, card cutter protection:
    A. External adjustable clutch, protective gear and cutter.
    B. The computer detects the overload level and shuts down the motor in time to protect the motor.
  8. Made of full-machine aluminum alloy steel, lightweight and durable.
  9. European Union CE, American and Canadian CSA certification.


Power (kW / hp)3300 W
220 V
Current15 A
Idling Speed270 / 460 rpm
Max. Blade dia.1000 mm
Max. Cutting depth400 mm
Water supply Centralised
Rails2 x 1200 mm
Engine16 kg
Frame23 kg
Box2.4 kg
Water requirements3.5 l/min


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KSF CF40 | Concrete wall saw / wall cutter - cutting depth 400 mm

10,000.00 excl. VAT

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